Episode 356

Showdate 6/20/09
Length 1:26:30
Bitrate 192 kb/s

You may have noticed there was no show posted last week, as we needed to take a little break to recuperate from our massive 7th anniversary special! But, we're back this week with a fine mashup of new tracks and classics we think you're sure to like. We also want to say welcome and thanks to the new friends who have added me in the last few weeks, I hope you enjoy the mixes. As always, we encourage and welcome your email; write to us at star98@gmx.net with any comments, suggestions, requests or shoutouts. Till next week, thanks for listening.


  1. Airbase Feat Floria Ambra - Interfere (Vocal Edit)
  2. Solid Globe - Sahara (Markus Schulz Remix)
  3. 4 Strings And DJ Shaine - The Way It Should Be (Original Mix)
  4. Dt8 Project - Destination (Darren Dt8 Album Mix)
  5. Marc Marberg With Kyau And Albert - Megashira (Stoneface And Terminal Remix)
  6. Mark Otten Vs Carrie Skipper - Time Is Serene (Armin Van Buuren Mashup)
  7. Signum - Syndicate
  8. Solar Force - Voyage Dream (Original Mix)
  9. One Man Army - The Anthem (Ballroom Dancer Remix)
  10. Ron Malakai - The Last Bastion (Original Mix)
  11. Stoneface And Terminal - Venus (Club Mix)
  12. Kenny Hayes - Ibiza Sky (Alex M.o.r.p.h. Mix)
  13. Boom Jinx And Oliver Smith - Sunrise (Original Mix)