Dear Friends,

We regret to announce that due to personal reasons, we must phase out our regular live Saturday night broadcasts of the Trance Mix. It's been a great ten-year run, during which we've played over 7,000 new tracks -- give or take -- and had an incredible amount of fun. We're proud to have brought the best in trance and progressive to East Texas, and hope you've enjoyed the program. The Trance Mix will continue on Star 98 in this slot for the time being featuring encore presentations of some of our best mixes from 2005 through 2012. But, you never know: new podcasts may appear from time to time, and I just might drop in for an occasional "live" show now and then. Be prepared for anything! :-)

My sincere thanks and best wishes to anyone reading this. Always keep music in your heart!

The Trance Master
June 10, 2012