Live Player:

Flexible Listening Options

Use the links above to select your desired format and connection speed. Windows-only users can always use Windows Media Player, but other players are available for the Windows Operating System. In Linux or Mac, VLC Media Player works well. Also, iTunes and Quicktime is available for Windows and Mac. If you need a particular player for your system, see the download links to the right. We've also just added a new flash player; it's low-resource, supported by most browsers, and opens a cool visualization to go with the music in a small pop-up window so you can continue to browse while listening. Give it a try!

Listening On Mobile Devices

Clicking the "Winamp Player" icon above will work on many mobile devices and smart phones. You can also download the official SHOUTcast mobile app from the iTunes App Store to listen on your iPad/iPod/iPhone. If you have an Android device, download the WinAmp app for it here. Because our broadband stream is high-quality 128 KB/s, you will have to go into the device settings (on Apple devices, this is found under the "settings" button on the main page) and enable "Allow hi-bit streams." Then, use the Shoutcast app to search for "Star 98" and save it as a favorite.

NEW! Check out our new TuneIn Radio app. You can listen to Star 98 on virtually any mobile device including laptop PC or Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm, plus many more! Featuring a cool interface that displays artist info and album cover art, TuneIn is a great way to enjoy Star 98 anywhere. Click the "TuneIn Radio" box in the right sidebar to go to our online player page.