Coming to you from deep in the Heart of Texas, you've found the best commercial-free classic rock and trance music on the web. Click on the green link below for our 128K MP3 live feed, or if you have a slower connection, click the red link for our 32K AAC+ stream. Drop us an email at for comments, suggestions, requests or shoutouts. Thanks for visiting!

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Program Guide:

Trance: Automated Trance, House, and Progressive, in alternating blocks of single tracks and mixed sets.

The Trance Mix: Live with your host The Trancemaster, The Trance Mix is our signature program. Tune in each Saturday night at 9 PM US Central Time for fun and surprises, along with the best new tracks. Live Saturday show is repeated during the following week.

A State of Trance: Direct from The Netherlands, #1 DJ in the world Armin van Buuren presents a non-stop two-hour mix of the absolute best in trance and progressive.

The Night Party: A weekly 4-hour mix of trance and progressive. Hailing from Denmark, Master of Ceremonies "DJ Coolsnake" spotlights his own slick talents on the decks, along with guest sets from a variety of up-and-coming spinners from around the globe.

Classic Rock: Classic Rock from the mid 60's through the mid 90's, with a smattering of more recent tunes by "classic" artists. All the bands you know and love: The Beatles, Stones, The Who, Eagles, The Dead, Led Zep, plus many many more.

Rock The Weekend: Special weekend edition of our classic rock show, occasionally with live DJ.

Flexible Listening Options

There are many ways you can listen to our stream. Windows users can always use Windows Media Player, but other players are available. VLC Media Player is a universal app that works very well on all platforms, including Linux, Mac, PC, and mobile devices. iTunes and Quicktime are also available for Windows and Mac. If your system downloads a file called "listen.pls", just open it to start the stream.

Listening On Mobile Devices

The above links will work on many mobile devices and smart phones. For the Apple iPad/iPod/iPhone, you have a wide choice of apps to download from the iTunes App Store that will play our Shoutcast stream. If you are using an older model iPhone, you may need go into the device settings and enable "Allow hi-bit streams."

If you have an Android device, there are many good options. Although officially retired, Winamp is the Grandaddy of all music players and can still be found here. Another excellent open-source multimedia app for Android phones and tablets is VLC Media Player; it can play any of the stream links above. Finally, there is no shortage of other Internet Radio apps on the Google Play Store. One of my personal favorites for Android is Xiia Live. Available in both a free and a low-cost Pro version which adds extra features, it is highly configurable, contains a built-in database of all Shoutcast streams, and automatically displays album cover art. If asked to enter an URL to play, use the following: for the 128K mp3 feed, or for the 32K AAC+ feed.


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